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In the words of @bkcapricorn #Spring #bringiton
In a #NYC min. #WestVille

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great polaroid series by tom bianchi. fire island pines - polaroids 1975-1983. 

"The island is a 36 mile-long barrier a few miles off the Long Island coast, separated into small communities by extended open sand dunes. The Pines, which is one of these little villages, is a mile-long grid of boardwalks connecting about 600 houses built on telephone pole stilts sunk into the sand. Back then, some real-estate guys got to building on this virgin terrace, and it just so happened that the place began to attract bohemian New Yorkers; writers and artists would come out and live in little shacks. It wasn’t intended for the gay community, but it made sense when it formed to be a home for it."

"these were personal transformation stories. It is this generation of men who are responsible for the whole gay pride movement. We developed this sense of community and started seeing ourselves as really special people, indispensable to the culture we lived in. And ultimately the one thing that brought us together was desire.

We went to that place to get laid by guys who were fun and we were attracted to. We went for sex and we went for dancing. You danced until you found the partner that would fill your bed that night. Desire is more profound than gravity. Gravity just holds the planet together, desire brings human beings together so they can create things. The importance of nudity, the power of physical desire that brought us together, can’t be overstated.”

"We were kids, partying along, thinking we were untouchable, immortal. AIDS forced us to grow up."



Simpson Kimmy heart & muse @simpsonkim via @Facebook can’t wait to meet you! 

#NYC #StreetStyle #DonnieDivo #Fave #SimpsonKim #<3

AK CLUB Fall/Winter 2014 hat me, coat me do me!

SANKUANZ 2013AW COLLECTION taking back the abused and miss used!

SANKUANZ 2013AW COLLECTION taking back the abused and miss used!

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